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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your puppies come from?

Our available puppies come from our local network of dog breeders whom we trust. We carefully screen each breeder’s program to ensure that our puppies are raised with proper nutrition, are given the appropriate vaccines, and are socialized as much as possible.

Our own breeding program is still in its early stages and we do not have any puppies currently available from our program. If you wish to join our unofficial waitlist for a future litter, please use the contact page on our website to send us a brief message explaining the breed of puppy you are looking for.

Do you ship puppies?

No, we do not ship puppies. Travel can be very stressful especially for young puppies and we do not recommend that our puppies travel without a human companion. If our clients are flying to meet their puppy, we recommend either the Southbend, IN or Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, MI international airports which are within driving distance.

Where are you located?

Our farm is near Centreville, Michigan (49032).

How can I pay?

We prefer cash, but also accept other payment options such as credit card, PayPal, or Venmo. To reserve a puppy, a $200.00 refundable deposit needs to be placed through our website. This amount will be deducted from the total price when you arrive to pick up your puppy.

What is the $200.00 refundable deposit for?

The $200.00 deposit reserves the puppy of your choice until the pickup day and is credited to the total price. If you arrive and decide against taking your puppy home, you may either receive a full refund, or transfer your deposit to another puppy.

Are your puppies vaccinated and dewormed?

Yes, each of our breeders follows the recommended vaccine and deworming schedule provided by our veterinarian. Proof of vaccination and deworming will be recorded on your puppy’s health record.

Are your puppies potty trained?

No, we do not individually potty train each puppy. However, we do our best to begin crate training our puppies and to give them regular time outdoors. This process teaches the young puppies to associate the crate and surrounding areas with “home” and the outdoors with “going potty”.

What puppy food do you recommend?

All our dogs are fed Royal Canin brand dog food. We recommend feeding your puppy either the Small or Extra Small kibble size according to the instructions.

Should I schedule a vet appointment for my puppy?

Yes, you should schedule to have your puppy examined within 72 hours by a veterinarian after the pickup date. This process ensures that your puppy remains free of any diseases and stays up to date on important vaccinations.

What if I have more questions?​

Additional questions may be summited using our website's contact from. Send us a message and we will try to respond as soon as possible!​

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