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Lucy Profile-3.jpg


Toy Poodle - AKC

Lucy is our beautiful, blue merle, Toy Poodle from the first litter of Poodles we ever raised! We decided on keeping her because of the lovable and outgoing personality she displays which we hope will also be present in her first litter that we are planning for the summer of 2023.

D.O.B. February 16, 2022

Health Testing - Pending

Cindy Profile.jpg


Toy Poodle - AKC

Cindy is our chocolate and white parti colored Toy Poodle, and a recent addition to our breeding program. Because of her unique color traits, almost 100% of her offspring will be completely black! We are planning her next litter for the spring of 2023.

D.O.B. September 25, 2020

Health Testing - Clear

Sprinkles Profile-1.jpg


Toy Poodle - AKC

Sprinkles is the second blue merle female in our program. We made the choice to keep her when we first saw her at eight weeks old, because of here stunning coloration and her friendly temperament! Her preliminary health testing has yet to be completed, and if all goes well, we may be planning a litter for her in the summer of 2023.

D.O.B. April 15, 2022

Health Testing - Pending

Ollie Profile-2.jpg


Toy Poodle - AKC

Ollie is our handsome, red, Toy Poodle male and the first sire added to our breeding program! His gentle temperament and friendly manner are the exact character traits that we wish to have our puppies express.

D.O.B. January 24, 2022

Health Testing - Pending

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