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Toy Poodle - AKC

Cindy is our chocolate and white parti colored Toy Poodle, and a recent addition to our breeding program. Because of her unique color traits, almost 100% of her offspring will be completely black or brown! 

D.O.B. September 25, 2020

Genetic Screening - Complete

Cindy 10.6.jpg

Previous Litters

Ollie x Cindy

Cindy's latest litter of Toy Poodles was born on October 17, 2023! Both puppies arrived healthy and lively, and Cindy has taken excellent care of them as always. Notably, the coloration of this litter is entirely black which is due to the combination of both parents' color genetics. Both puppies have been reserved, and Cindy's next litter is expected in the summer of 2024!

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