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Supplement for all animals that need a boost for better health


  • Reverses the early stages of hypoglycemia
  • Maintains the blood sugar during stressful periods
  • Stimulates an animal's appetite

Super Stress Drops are unique in their formation. Stress, sickness, and surgery all contribute to a pet's loss of appetite. Using this product can help restore appetite, energy, and vitality.

INGREDIENTS (included per fluid ounce): Vitamin A not more than 2IU, vitamin B1, not less than 2 mg, vitamin B2, not less than 2 mg, vitamin B6, not less than 2 mg, vitamin B12, not less than 1mcg, vitamin D, not more than 2 IU, vitamin E not more than 0.5 IU, natural malt syrup (energy source), not more than 22ml, live culture apple cider vinegar, Alfalfa, Co-Q 10, Ginger Root, Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Milk Thistle, and a proprietary blend of botanical herbs.

Dosing up to 2cc 4x's a Day
Do not exceed 8cc a Day


Manufactured for Schwartz Family Farms


28426 Bonham Road, Centreville, MI 49032


Shake Well


Refrigerate After Opening

Super Stress Drops (2 fl. oz.)

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